The services provided and the respective responsibilities and liabilities are outlined and governed bythe following Terms and Conditions:

1. Payment Conditions

The full amount ispayable prior tocommencement ofatour, atthe meeting point. Insome programs anadvanced payment of100% over specific expenses required tobedone bythe customer, bybank transfer. These payments will beconsidered valid upon confirmation. There isnopossibility ofrefund whatsoever inthese cases except ifacancelattion determined byGTU (Green Tours Ukraine).

2. Cancellation

2.1. Bythe Customer

The customer isfully free toproceed with acancelation ofthe agreed program atany moment.

2.2. ByGTU

Although itrarely happens and weshall doour utmost toavoid doingso, wereserve the right tocancel tours and other arrangements.

3. Liability

GTU cannot beheld liable for damages toproperty, ifthey are caused byyour own negligence oractions orbynot avertable negligence oractions ofathird party not being involved incarrying out the contract orbyforce majeure orbyany other not foreseeable ornot avertable event.

4. Responsability

Participation inhikings, trekkings, group tours, expeditions, exploration offlora and wild fauna orany other form oftouristic round organized byGTU might involve certain risks and dangers. Clients participating intours orother activities organized byGTU dosoattheir own risk. GTU takes every precaution toensure the safety ofclients, noresponsibility can beaccepted for any death, injury orloss that might occur tosuch clients, sustained from any causes whatsoever. These risks include but are not limited tothe following situations:

• Trips onmountain terrain, rivers and forests;

  • Travel bycar, bus, mini-bus orany other means oftransport;
  • Accidents orsicknesses inisolated areas, with orwithout medical facilities with orwithout the possibility ofevacuation against acost;
  • Accidents caused bynatural hazards;
  • Changes ofitinerary due tocauses independed from our will;
  • Cancellation oftours ortrips due tocauses independent from our will.

Without limitation, GTU isnot responsible for any injury, loss, ordamage toperson orproperty, death, delay, orinconvenience inconnection with the provisionof, orfailure toprovide, any goods orservices occasioned byorresulting from— but not limited to— acts ofwar orcivil unrest, insurrection orrevolt, strikes orother labor activities, criminal orterrorist activities ofany kind, overbooking ordowngrading ofaccommodations, mechanical orother failure ofany means oftransportation orfor the failure ofany transportation mechanism toarrive ordepart ontime, sanitation problems, lack ofmedical care, orfor any other cause beyond the direct control ofGTU. Costs inrespect ofany accident orillness which, inthe opinion ofthe authorities, requires medical attention, are the customer’s liability.

Also, GTU aswell asits owners, employees, contractors and associates don’t assume any responsibility for losses orpersonal damage due tocircumstances, weather, fire, governmental orany other authorities actions, aswell asinthe case ofwar, strikes, terrorist actions, thefts, epidemics, quarantine situations, dangerous incidents onair, water orland, orany other actions and incidents which are out ofthe control area ofthe agency.

5. Changes onPrograms

The agency reserves its right tooperate reasonable routes changes when this isimposed, toinsure optimum comfort and well-being ofthe participants. GTU does not accept any liability arising out ofchanges toitineraries, orany other matters relating toany tour, due tofactors outside its control.

Delays orchanges within the tour schedule which can beattributed tospecial circumstances onwhich GTU has noinfluence and the consequences ofwhich cannot beaverted even with all due care donot represent adeficiency entitling toany reduction.

6. Insurance

AtGTU you are not insured against accident orillness orcovered byaninsurance ofany other kind. Itisyour own obligation tocheck onyour insurance policy and ifnecessary take out any additional insurance for apropriate cover.

7. Inapropriate Individual Conditions

Wereserve the right todecline toaccept orretain any person asamember ofany tour atany time, inwhich event anequitable amount will berefunded. This may happen ifamember ofany tour reveals inapropriate behaviour, wereasonably believe amember ofatour isnot duly prepared for the program -by physical contraints orlack ofequipment— orbyany other reason.

8. Special Requests

Any special requests (e.g. for aparticular diet), must benotified inwriting when the booking ismade. Whilst wewill endeavour tomeet such requests they cannot beguaranteed and any failure tocomply will not beabreach ofcontract.