Alex Brzhezskyy

Alex is Founder of Green Tours Ukraine and serves as International Director for Samaritan Ministries in Ukraine. He also works as Co-Director for Pulin Community and Business Center in the Zhytomyrska Oblast. Alex is a certified trainer on Social Enterprise Development by the British Council and has worked in many areas of business and social enterprise development in Ukraine.

In his words:

Hiking is my passion. I loved it from my childhood. When I have my backpack with tent, sleeping bag, food, compass in my pocket and map in my hand my feet on trial full of twist and turns I feel immersed into adventure. I always wanted to share with this feeling with my friends and guest. I started with organizing a low cost tour to western Ukraine to my friends. They were surprised with what they had seen. They wanted more. When I had my next tour I invited a friend, who was the Peace Corps worker in Ukraine. She loved in so much that starting with 2007 I had one or two tours with PC volunteers. I met a lot of great and wonderful people during this time and enjoyed their company. It is always more for me than rock climbing or hiking, it is a privilege to meet new friends.

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Vanya Yamelyanchuk

Vanya is lead guide for Green Tours Ukraine and works as an economist serving the Zhytomyrska region. He is very active in leading tours through Ukraine and passionate about the outdoors.

In his words:

In my childhood I did not understand what can make people go with backpack high in the mountains. Once I tried it, my life was changed. I met people who showed me how to use maps, make knots and cook shashlik :), how to pass through fast mountain rivers and deep hollows. The main reason I love guiding is the idea of appreciating your life and not taking it for granted. In my student life I was fond of sports tourism. I was trying myself in such activities like hiking, climbing, alpinism, orienteering and reached some achievements in this. Now I catch any ability to go outdoors or take part in competition of sports tourism. I love my country and have visited many places. But I want to explore the whole country and show people that this is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Ben Fresquez

Ben is Co-Founder of Green Tours Ukraine and is a Community Development Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine. He specializes in business development and has a MBA from New Mexico State University.

In his words:

Hello! My name is Ben and I am a Peace Corps Volunteer here in Ukraine. I am so incredibly proud and honored to be serving in this amazing country. I am originally from New Mexico—aka the Land of Enchantment—and attended college at New Mexico State University in which I obtained my Bachelors and MBA degree in Business. All my life I have always been inspired by the beauty and magnificence of the great outdoors. Nothing brings me more to life than being out on the open road. Whether on trails, mountain peaks, or beach-side basking…it’s where I feel free. It’s where my dreams and ambitions are born, and where I spread my wings and fly. Those close to me would say I am somewhat of a daring soul; a vagabond, drifter, travel aficionado, a free spirit if you will. Some of my passions include: running, biking, climbing, skiing, boarding, shoeing, hiking, music, singing, writing, volunteering, and meeting new people… to name a few. Life is my big passion. When I first arrived to Ukraine in March of 2011, I knew that I wanted to put my passions and talents into something fruitful and prosperous. Combining my love for travel and my passion for business and helping society gave birth to Green Tours Ukraine. This has been one of the most profound experiences of my service.



Антон Яворский


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